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This app can detect the chipset of your iPhone. For iPhone 6s / 6s Plus, it can detect the manufactory (TSMC or Samsung) of the A9 chip.

It would upload the chip model and device type info to my server, but it's for statistics only. I can't identify you from these information. The statistics result is on the bottom of this page.

CPU Identifier doesn't collect any private information except the CPU and device model info from your iPhone. If you have any concern, you can just remove this app after checking the manufactory.

A9 manufactories distribution:
(Update every 5 minutes)

You can help me collect more samples by installing the app on your iPhone 6s


  • TSMC: 40.48 %
  • Samsung: 59.52 %

iPhone 6s

  • TSMC: 44.78 %
  • Samsung: 55.22 %

iPhone 6s Plus

  • TSMC: 34.03 %
  • Samsung: 65.97 %